December 4th

Santi Rodríguez


Calle Los Bolos, Nº 4,  Local 2. 38207, San Cristobal de la Laguna. Tenerife, Islas Canarias

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Mbongwana Star born as a group when Irish-born Frenchman Liam Farrell (known solo as Doctor L and for being a member of Assassin, one of France's best-known rap groups) meets several Congolese musicians, including two former members of Staff Benda Bilili (Coco Ngambali and Theo Nzonza, both around sixty years of age) and three young instrumentalists. Together they develop the production of a material that starts from the Congolese rumba and is combined with electronics and modern sounds. "Liam Farrell added his personal touch to our music and made the album sound super different from any other African music ever made before. He is no longer with us now. Liam was only at the beginning of the project and did the first tour, but we have continued it our way ". The result is "From Kinshasa", one of the most restless and surprising records of  world music of the last years, that last year harvested excellent critics throughout the planet. (Mondosonoro)

In concert on December 3rd on the CAP-LIVE stage. Free and accessible concert, prepared for visitors with reduced mobility in Boulevard Chajofe

December 3rd

Salif Keita


“From Kinshasa” from Mbongwana Star album of the year for 2015.

★★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★★ The Independent   

★★★★ MOJO

★★★★★ The FT

10/10 Drowned in Sound

10/10 SPIN

9/10 NME

‘best of 2015′by The New York Times, NPR, SPIN, Uncut, The Wire, The Observer, MOJO, Q and more.

Next December 3rd at Cap-Fest Arona. Main Stage.

Mbongwana Star

Salif Keita, 'The African Golden Voice' is known worldwide for being one of the drivers of afropop and for the quality of its voice. Keita was born on 12 August 1949 in the city of Djoliba, Mali. He is direct descendant of the king Sundiata Keita (1190-1255), founder of the Empire of Mali. He was marginalized by his family and separated from his society for being an albino, a sign of bad luck in the Mandingo culture. Salif Keita is one of the greatest ambassadors of World Music around the world. It represents the most sublime of African art today. The texts of Salif's songs - whether to refer to environmental concerns or albino rights in Mali - remain a critical testimony to the reality of his contemporaries, his people and his time. In addition, Salif Keita's solidarity side focuses on the Salif Keita Global Foundation whose objectives are to raise awareness of the plight of albinos, defend their rights, integrate them socially and raise funds for their medical care and education.

In concert on December 3rd on the CAP-LIVE stage. Free and accessible concert, prepared for reduced mobility in Boulevard Chajofe

December 3rd

Santi Rodriguez although he was born in Malaga (city where he lived for work reasons of his family), with one month of birth he moved to Jaén. He studied law at the University of Granada, where he was a member of La Tuna in the District of Granada. He had a vocation for the performance, finding that comedy was good. In its beginnings in television it acted in programs immediately retired or even emitted. The success came to him, after participating in The Club of the Comedy, when signing for 7 Vidas.  He alternated his work in 7 Lives (playing the fruit bowl) with La Noche con Fuentes y Cía, where he dedicated himself to the absurd tests imposed by Manel Fuentes. In 2006 he signed for the irrefutable La Sexta. He participates in several theatrical shows:, Sosía Ave, Los Ulen company, One by One comedians and Stories of every day of Aporarte. Santi is one of the most reputed monologues in the country and this time closes the Cap-Fest during the morning day of Sunday December 4 with a monologue accessible with sign language interpreters.

Laetitia Sadier

December 3rd

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