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CAP-FEST is a unique place where through culture, art and innovation, empowerment of people with disabilities is pursued. It is a festival in which the protagonists are mainly prominent people from the world of culture, science with some kind of functional diversity that demonstrate that not only their ability to overcome, but his extraordinary talent, even with physical limitations , mental or sensory, get out and develop a unique and unrepeatable personality.

CAP-TALK will run at  Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos, Arona. The seminars and conferences are aimed to all ages and are fully accessible with sign language translator and facilities for people with disabilities.


María Vallet y Elena García (Marsibionics) para "El Hombre Biónico" en la pasada edición.

The festival projection and international reach, directs its offer to all audiences and all ages. Free and fully accessible entrance, the festival will take place in a series of covered and outdoor spaces just in the heart of Los Cristianos, Arona.


CAP-FEST is the first social festival that empowers functional diversity through culture, innovation and equality, from a groundbreaking avant-garde and modern prism that breaks taboos surrounding this issue.

Asistente al Festival

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Amadou & Mariam, Cap-Fest 2015

Five areas fully accessible with activities

Cap-Fest is divided into different areas of activities where ponder enjoy from conferences to workshops, theater, monologues, concerts, meals and even a fully inclusive playground for kids.


The accesible festival

Los Cristianos, Arona

Place of reflection and dialogue, where relevant researchers and personalities will discuss the present and future of people with functional diversity, technological advances, innovation, biotechnology, creativity, etc. A common space to strengthen capacities from empathy.


Here, art comes to life and becomes sound, dance and humor. It is in this space where disability ceases to become true virtues, where we all impregnate of excitement, magic and above all, a lot of life.


CAP-LIVE takes place at Infanta Leonor Auditorium in Los Cristianos, Arona and Chajofe Boulevard, Los Cristianos. A large outdoor stage with capacity for more than 15,000 people, with full accessibility and free concerts.


Children are the hope for a more tolerant and egalitarian future. Cap-Kids is a place where imagination and values ​​intermingle seeking inclusion and demolishing prejudices and esteretipos. Puppets, stories, music and movement and endless games will be those that conform this stage with games.


CAP-LIVE is developed outside the cultural center of Los Cristianos in Arona. An outdoor space with accessibility and translator signs  language for full inclusion.


A space where find a world of interesting and unique crafts and products, where walking and surprise the skills of artisans of all kinds.


MARKET CAP is developed outside the cultural center of Los Cristianos in Arona. An outdoor space with access for the disabled.


This is the gastronomic space of the festival. A place to experiment with the senses. Here it is allowed to palpate food, taking them blindly, perceive the subtle aromas and the most incredible colors, shapes while imagining textures and hear sounds that do not normally serve while we eat. An opportunity to learn to feel the food in a unique way.


CAP-FOOD takes place outside the cultural center of Los Cristianos in Arona. An outdoor space with access for the disabled.


Zona Cap-Food

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